Research Projects

Diurnal Cycle

A Diurnal Warming Model for the Sub-Skin Temperature of the Ocean

    ➢ source code implementing SST Diurnal Warming Model: Python

    ➢ source code implementing SST Diurnal Warming Model: Fortran


User-Oriented Level 4 Ocean Wind Products from the CYGNSS Wind Retrievals

    ➢ Download CCMP_CYGNSS

Assessing Measurement Uncertainty

Complete Uncertainty Characterization of the DISCOVER Earth System Data Records

Atmospheric River Watch

Microwave ocean data is used to monitor the development of atmospheric rivers capable of bringing much-needed rain to the US West Coast


Continue production of climate data records for the National Climate Data Center

Climate Analysis

RSS data products can be used to study recent changes in the Earth's climate

Improved Upper Air Temperatures

We are developing a completely new version of the upper air temperature data record using more advanced methods with improved traceablity and documentation.

Lower Tropospheric Temperature

Creating a lower tropospheric climate data record using AMSU Channel 4


The Multi-Sensor Improved Sea Surface Temperature for GODAE project

Ocean Vector Winds

Improved Vector Wind and Stress Retrievals for Climate Applications. Through this project, we participate in the NASA Ocean Vector Winds Science Team.

Radio Frequency Interference

Our ongoing study of radio frequency interference (RFI) and its effect on microwave measurements

Storm Induced Wakes

Research into the distribution, frequency and magnitude of tropical cyclone cold wakes

Ongoing Research


Distributed Information Services: Climate/Ocean Products and Visualizations for Earth Research, a NASA MEaSUREs funded project aimed at producing climate quality data for scientific research

Passive Microwave Water Cycle

A Passive Microwave Water Cycle (PMWC) product created with funding from NASA NEWS program

Rain Effects on Salinity

Using the CONAE SAC-D Microwave Radiometer to Improve Aquarius Salinity Retrievals