Understanding the Temperature Data

Date Added: 
Thursday, January 28, 2016


Headlines of  the use or mis-use of Remote Sensing Systems' data to make a particular point with regard to climate change has resulted in many questions in our support box, from climate scientists, concerned citizens, and those doubting scientific data.  We have gathered here some links we believe may help with understanding some of the issues.

On January 18th 2016, Dana Nuccitelli wrote an article in The Guardian that contains figures, tables and quotes, but also a video made by Peter Sinclair for Yale Climate Connections.  This video is very approachable for the non-scientist.

A January 21st 2016 ArsTechnica article by Scott K. Johnson describes the way satellite data are handled to produce a temperature data set, including why the data can vary between approaches.   

A more detailed discussion of the issue, complete with references, is found in Skeptical Science.  This is a response by Ben Santer and Carl Mears to the "Data or Dogma"  Senate hearing held in December 2015.

The earlier RSS blog post about the temperature satellite record by Dr. Mears is also worth reading, or re-reading.



A Washington Post article by Chris Mooney was posted on January 29th.