RSS has begun publication of a new Earth-Gridded data collection.

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Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

RSS has begun publication of a new Earth-Gridded data collection that includes precisely calibrated brightness temperatures from AMSR2 with exactly co-located ancillary data.

Microwave radiances measured by conically-scanning satellite radiometers are available from Remote Sensing Systems as L1B files with measurements arranged in a native 'swath' format. The measurement geometry of these sensors is complex and it is not trivial to collocate these data between different satellites, or with other types of Earth data, such as level 3 or 4 gridded products or model output.

The intent of this dataset is to make it easier for Earth science researchers to develop retrieval algorithms using measurements from satellite radiometers. We do a lot of the hard work (resampling, co-location, and radiative transfer calculations) so that users can immediately start developing algorithms without worrying about these details. We think of this data collection as an algorithm development toolkit.

To facilitate collocation of these microwave radiances with other sources of Earth data, we have accurately resampled the L1B radiances onto circular footprints onto Earth-referenced latitude/longitude or polar grids.

Additionally, resampled L1B radiance data are provided with a suite of ancillary data resampled/co-located onto the same footprints. These data include rain rate, land/water fraction and ERA5 reanalysis output.

Atmospheric radiative parameters for each radiometer channel, calculated with the RSS radiative transfer model using ERA5 profiles as input, are included within the ancillary data suite as well.

All data are freely available via FTP after signing up for an RSS ftp account, or via https:

More details are provided on our website:

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Dr. Carl Mears -

Dataset development and production are supported by NASA's Advanced Communications Capabilities for Exploration and Science Systems Project, (project ACCESS-0031).