Storm Induced Wakes

Project Title

Storm Induced Wakes: Upper Ocean Variability

Focus of this Work

The central goal of this project is to utilize ocean and atmospheric data to study the influence of tropical cyclone cold wakes on climate. This has been accomplished by developing a common storm-centric data framework, for validation, inter-comparison, and research activities, that includes in situ, satellite data, and model analyses. This data base is of unique design and provides researchers with an simplified discovery process. We use this data base to determine the location, frequency, magnitude and duration of tropical cyclone cold wakes, their relationship to storm intensity change, the global distribution of storm wakes and their effect on global climate change.

Tropical Cyclone Cold Wake Product

The Tropical Cyclone Cold Wake database was constructed with NASA Physical Oceanography funding. The database consists of a collection of netCDF files containing multidimensional data consisting of SST and other support data such as wind speed, water vapor, chlorophyll-a, net primary production, mixed-layer depth, sea level anomalies and others. The tropical cyclone cold wake database is organized temporally by either storm focus or by julian day. For more details see the TC Cold Wake description page. 


This work is pertinent to the following missions: TMI, WindSat, AMSR-E and AMSR2
This work is pertinent to the following measurements: Sea surface temperatures
This work is pertinent to the following topics:  Tropical Cyclone Storm Watch