Carl Mears

Vice President / Senior Research Scientist

Office: 707-545-2904 x21


Dr. Mears has a B.S. in Physics from the University of Washington (1985), and a PhD. in Physics from University of California, Berkeley (1991), where his thesis research involved the development of quantum-noise-limited superconducting microwave heterodyne receivers. He joined Remote Sensing Systems in 1998. Since then, he has validated SSM/I and TMI winds versus in situ measurements, developed and validated a rain-flagging algorithm for the QuikScat Scatterometer. Over the past decade he has focused on the construction and maintenance of climate-quality data records, including those atmospheric temperatures from MSU and AMSU, and total column water vapor from SSM/I, AMSRE, SSMIS, and WindSat.  He has also studied the use of these data sets for the detection and attribution of human-induced climate change.  Dr. Mears was a convening lead author for the U.S. Climate Change Science Program Sythesis and Assessment product 1.1 (the first CCSP report to reach final form), and a contributing author to the IGPP 4th and 5th assessment reports. He is also a member of the WCRP Stratospheric Trends Working Group, which is part of the Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC) project.


Current Projects

  • Lower Tropospheric Climate Data Records Based on AMSU Channel 4.  The purpose of this project is to develop an alternative to the TLT product based on MSU Channel 2 and AMSU channel 5.  The TLT product is created by extrapolating the MSU2 and AMSU5 data to lower altitude.  The new product does not require extrapolation, but does require the development of algorithms to remove emission from Earth's surface.  This project is funded by NOAA's Office of Global Programs.
  • Complete Error Characterization of the DISCOVER Earth System Data Records.  The purpose of this project is to add error bars to each and every measurement produced as part of the DISCOVER project.  The project is a collaboration between Remote Sensing Systems, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, University of Wisconsin, and State University of New York, Albany.  This project is funded by the NASA Earth Science Directorate.
  • Improved and Extended Atmospheric Temperature Measurements from Microwave Sounders.  The purpose of this project is to completely redo the current MSU and AMSU atmospheric data records using more advanced and consistent methods.  This project is funded by the NASA Earth Sciences Directorate.
  • Climate Data Record Production.  The purpose of this project is to continue production of the current versions Climate Data Records (CDRs) for archiving at the National Climatic Data Center.  This project is funded by the Cooperative Institude for Climate and Satellites (CICS).