Single Sensor Products         Empowering Climate Predictions

Multi Sensor Products

Merged MCDC data products incorporate 35+ microwave imagers, scatterometers, and sounders spanning 40 years. RSS has carefully and precisely intercalibrated these sensors so that the MCDC geophysical variables can span multiple years without erroneous inter-sensor biases.

Microwave Sensors

Merged Microwave Sensor Data Products

Merged MCDC data products include atmospheric temperature records from MW sounders: MSU and AMSU, and the Optimally-Interpolated (OI) microwave (MW) sea-surface temperature product that merges multiple MW imagers; RSS also includes infrared (IR) sensors for the MW-IR product. In addition, MCDC includes 1-degree monthly water vapor and wind speed climate products, as well as a 2.5-degree monthly climate product that includes all of the Air-Sea Essential Climate Variables; both of which span 34 years.

Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform Winds Analysis

The Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP) ocean wind vector product provides a research quality multi-decade reanalysis as well as a near-real time (NRT) wind vectors supporting many operational uses.

Single Sensor Products Empowering Climate Predictions