New Version 2.1 ASCAT C-2015 Data Released

Date Added: 
Monday, April 4, 2016


A new C-2015 Geophysical Model Function was developed and used to reprocess all ASCAT on MetOp-A data products at RSS.  These new V2.1 data are now available from 2007 to March 2016.

The ASCAT-A V2.1 winds are of high quality and are consistent with other radiometer and scattereometer data from Remote Sensing Systems.

The main changes included in this upgraded V2.1 product release are:

  • New C-2015 GMF was used in processing data.
  • Recalibrated L1B sigma0 data from EUMETSAT are used.
  • High winds above 30 m/s are roughly 5-6% higher.
  • Winds between 17 and 27 m/s are roughly 2-4% lower.
  • Radiometer rain rates included in the file are now given in mm/hr (no longer columnar rain values in km*mm/hr).
  • Data from newly available radiometers are used in collocation and GMF development.
  • Small changes were made in quality control and collocated radiometer rain.

More details are available on the ASCAT description page and the ASCAT Product Update Tech Report.  The figure below shows a comparison of V1.2 and V2.1 winds.

We encourage you to fully replace any ASCAT data you have previously downloaded from RSS and use the new V2.1 ASCAT-A winds instead.

One can browse the global images or download the data files.  Please be sure to read the full description of the data products

Please let us know if you use these winds in any publication and provide a citation to the data as requested on the ASCAT web page.  We look forward to hearing your feedback. 

If you have any questions, please contact support