Release of RSS V4.0 TMT and TTT Air Temperature Data

Date Added: 
Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Remote Sensing Systems has just released a new version (V4.0) of the TMT and TTT products.  Browse imagery and time series plots now show the new V4.0 data.   The new data are available for download via FTP.

A paper describing the new version is now available as an early online release while awaiting publication in an upcoming Journal of Climate issue. 

The lower tropospheric (TLT) temperatures have not yet been updated at this time and remain V3.3.  The V3.3 TLT data suffer from the same problems with the adjustment for drifting measurement times that led us to update the TMT dataset.  V3.3 TLT data should be used with caution.

TMT Time Series Plot