Release of New CCMP V2.0 Wind Vector Analysis Data

Date Added: 
Friday, January 8, 2016

A new version of CCMP vector wind analysis fields is now available from Remote Sensing Systems.  This Version-2 (V2.0) CCMP L3 data product is available as daily netCDF4 files containing four 6-hourly wind field maps.

We have carefully transitioned the original processing code to only make minor changes needed for running on a different system architecture and with different compilers. All satellite, buoy and background model wind data used as input to the VAM have been updated to the latest versions. We have also added winds from new instruments:  AMSR2 on GCOM-W1, GMI on GPM, and ASCAT on Metop-A.

This is a new, full reprocessing of the CCMP wind analysis product using consistent RSS V7 (or higher) RTM-calibrated satellite wind retrievals, updated moored buoy winds, and a higher resolution background wind field (ERA-Interim 6-hourly, 0.25-degree). Therefore, this release (CCMP V2.0) should NOT be considered an extension of the existing CCMP V1.1 data available at the PODAAC. Scientists using CCMP V2.0 should download the entire V2.0 data set for use in their studies. 

We will continue to update the CCMP vector wind analysis product twice yearly, in January and July.

More information and data access is presented at