Keith White

Data Analyst / Scientific Programmer

Office: 707-545-2904 x12


Keith completed a B.S. in Atmospheric Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2012. After spending the next year as an Operational Meteorologist, he went on to complete an M.S. in Atmospheric Science at Texas A&M University in 2015. Keith's thesis work involved using radar data from the TRMM and GPM satellites as well as data from tropical field campaigns to show a deficiency in reanalysis-derived profiles of vertical motion in the Eastern Tropical Pacific ITCZ. He is especially interested in analyzing observational data in the context of physical processes. Keith currently works on a number of projects at RSS, including the creation of a co-located VIIRS and AMSR2 SST dataset as well as managing data inflow for SMAP. In addition, he is part of the team responsible for monitoring and maintaining semi-operational data processing and backup at RSS. Recently, Keith also created a social media implementation strategy for RSS.


  • M.S., Atmospheric Science, Texas A&M University, 2015
    • Thesis: Assessing the Accuracy of Vertical Pro​files of Heating and Vertical Motion in the Tropical Eastern Pacific
    • Advisor: Dr. Courtney Schumacher
  • B.S., Atmospheric Science, magna cum laude, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2012​


  • American Geophysical Union (AGU)​
  • American Meteorological Society (AMS)



White, K., C. Schumacher, and A. Funk, 2015: Shallow and deep convective systems in the tropical Pacific as seen by TRMM PR and GPM DPR. 2015 NASA PMM meeting, 13 Jul-17 Jul, Baltimore, MA.

White, K., C. Schumacher, and A. Funk, 2014: Assessing the Variability and Accuracy of Vertical profiles of Heating and Vertical Motion in the Tropical Eastern Pacific. 2014 AGU Fall Meeting, 15 Dec-19 Dec, San Francisco, CA.


White, K., 2015: Are Reanalysis Vertical Profiles of Vertical Motion and Heating Erroneous in the Tropical Eastern Pacific? An Observational Hypothesis. Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Council Seminar, Texas A&M University, 20 April, College Station, TX.

White, K., E. Strom, and I. Mielke-Maday, 2010: Secondary Organic Aerosols at Storm Peak Laboratory. Howard University, 5 Nov, Washington, DC.